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calcium carbonate grinding mill

calcium carbonate grinding mill
Product name : calcium carbonate grinding mill
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 Calcium Carbonate Grinding Mill

Features of Calcium Carbonate Grinding Mill
1) Fineness: 100-2500 mesh (0.15-0.005 micron) Adjustable
2) Higher Prouction Capacity: (1-200T/H)
3) High-quality particle shape
4) Smooth and stable performance
5) Durable
6) Cost-effective production, cost efficiency
7) costomer-designed service

The roller mill is a kind of mill with air-swept system and integral classification system.

Working Principle of the calcium carbonate grinding mill:

The roller mill is an air swept vertical ring-roll with an integral classi cation system. A vertical shaft rotates a “spider” assembly of arms from which are suspended free swinging journal assemblies with rolls attached. As the unit turns, centrifugal force drives the rolls against the inner surface of the vertical grinding ring. Plows rotating with the assembly lift feed material from the mill bottom and direct it between the rolls and the grinding ring where it is pulverized.

Air enters from below the grind ring and ows upward carrying nes to the classifying section. The classi er allows the sized material to pass to the product col- lector and returns oversized particles to the grinding chamber for further processing. The mill operates under negative pressure conditions, minimizing mill mainten- ance and plant housekeeping while maximizing the service life of major mechanical components. 

calcium carbonate grinding mill

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