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Slag Grinding Mill

Author : Henry Date : 2016-3-3 15:39:27
 Slag Powder from Slag Grinding Mill

Slag is left after the metal has been removed from the iron ore. Slag usually contains metal oxides and silicon dioxide. There is also sulfides and some metals in the slag. Slag can be used to control the smelting temperature and minimize the re-oxidation of the final liquid metal product before the metal is removed from the furnace.

In modern society, the slag powder ground by slag grinding mill can be used with the cement as part of the mixed cement. This kind of cement with slag powder has much more power and strength over a very long time, showing the permeability and better durability. When we build high building, bridge, coastal structure, this kind of cement is always to be used, featuring in corrosion and deterioration of the big structure.

How to get this kind of slag powder?

Try to use my Slag Grinding Mill, which will meet your requirement and produce high-quality slag powder.

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