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Gypsum Raymong Mill/Grinding Mill

Author : Isabella Date : 2013-7-11 16:07:19

Gypsum Raymond Mill/Grinding Mill
Gypsum is one of the two stable states of
calcium sulfate that mainly consists of calcium oxide and sulfur trioxide. Generally, it appears white or colorless transparent crystal. According to its nature form, it can be divided into five types, fibrous gypsum, transparent gypsum, alabaster, normal gypsum and argillaceous gypsum.


Gypsum has been applied in medicine and food industry for a long history. In modern industry, it is mainly used as an indispensable building material such as concrete retarder, gypsum board and plaster. It is also used as fertilizer and soil conditioner in agriculture and filler in industry.


Raymond mill is one of the most significant equipment in the processing of gypsum. The gypsum firstly is crushed into around 30mm particle, and then conveyed into the Raymond mill. After the grinding, the customer will get gypsum powder with specific fineness.


Guilin Hongcheng Mining Equipment Manufacture is the most professional Raymond mill manufacturers in China, which specializes in Raymond mill production for three decades. The production capacity: 1—40T/h; Fineness: 100—800 Mesh. 

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