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Zeolite Raymond Mill

Author : Isabella Date : 2013-8-6 17:09:38
     Zeolite Raymond Mill

       Zeolite is a compound hydrated alumino silicate hydrate of alkali metal and alkaline earth
which appears a bit of crystal white soft brown or bluish in the nature form. As one of the most common and important nonmetallic mineral, zeolite enjoys various unique properties such as hygroscopic properties, high surface area, CEC (Capacity Cation exchange).

For its uniqueness of the structure and its properties, zoelite is widely used in the agriculture, animal husbandry and industry. The end use of zeolite is extremely popular in agriculture for a wide range of agriculture benefits. For instance, as soil improvement material, it can keep the soil pH balance and improving the soil structure. In the field of animal husbandry, zeolite powder ground by raymond mill is also used to provide supplement minerals (Na, K, Cl, etc.) to the livestock. Besides, zeolite enjoys great potential in oilfield industry.

As zeolite product usually appears powder form in the market, raymond mill is the most important machine in the zeolite product making process. Guilin HongCheng Mining Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd is No.1 raymond mill manufacturer in China. With decades R&D and accumulated experience in the zeolite industry, our company offers high performance products and tailored solutions. 

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