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The Way to enhance the development of minind industy

Author : Henry Date : 2013-10-7 9:51:33
 The current international financial crisis affects economic development mode substantially. Industrial structure, growth and other deep-rooted contradiction in machinery industry are the main factors restricting the continuous development of mining machinery industry. The mining machinery industry in China stands at a critical stage. To seize the commanding height of the development, mining machinery industry must further implement the “two restructuring and revitalization plan” based on the long-run, solid innovation-driven, endogenous growth and ground foundation from the point of policy ground. The mining machinery industry is capable of sustained growth if it can properly manage structural change in several dimensions: use information technologies to upgrade traditional, enhance the production and processing of automation, information and intelligence level; use high-tech, advanced technologies to upgrade product quality, and promote information technology and industrialization blend; use the major national science and technology projects and major technical equipment project to break the core technology constrained the development of mining machinery plant, key technology and key equipment, research and development of key parts with a view to strengthening competitiveness; create techniques to develop low-carbon and green jaw crusher and sand maker with energy-saving, water-saving, material-saving, efficient, low-emission, environmental friendly machinery and electronic products, and develop intelligent, digital high-value-added products to meet operation and user demand for efficient, high-parameterization integrated and flexible equipment and production line; accelerate the development of high-tech cluster, and support the development of new energy, new materials, new technology, information technology, energy saving and environmental protection, and other emerging; speed up the development of modern creation services to support the development of comparative advantage intensive; accelerate phase-out and update high energy consumption, high pollution on resources behind the products.

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