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Fly Ash Raymond Mill/Grinding Mill/Pulverizer/Grinder/Powder Making Machine

Author : Date : 2013-7-2 11:03:05

Fly AshRaymond Mill/Grinding Mill/Pulverizer/Grinder/Powder Making Machine
    Fly ash is a very fine particle that can floats around in the air. The fly ash we usually refer is the residue in the coal-fired power plant after the coal powder is fully burned.

Fly ash is widely used in building material industry, plastic and rubber industry, waste water treatment and so on. In the building material industry, the fly ash is used in brickmaking, road and dam building, backfill project, etc. which will high save the cost and improve the project quality.

With the rapid development of powder industry, the effluent fly ash in power plants is increasing year by year. If the fly ash is exhausted into the air without any dispose, it will pollute the air. If exhausted into the water, the toxic chemicals in it will do harm to human and other lives. Obviously, the integrated utilization of fly ash is extremely significant not only for the resource and energy saving, but also for the environment protection.

In the development of fly ash industry, raymond mill is a necessity which will greatly enlarge the scope of its utilization. Guilin Hongcheng Mining Equipment Manufacture Co, Ltd. is the largest and NO.1 Raymond mill manufacturer that always keeps a close eye on the development of fly ash industry.  Our products for fly ash include R series, HC series featured with trouble-free operation, reliable performance and outstanding quality.

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