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Chinese calcium carbonate industry changes and still increase the global demand

Author : Date : 2017-8-28 17:16:02

Chinese calcium carbonate industry changes and still increase the global demand

This is the forecasts to 2020 for GCC&PCC Powder in the world, which provide a relatively detailed overview of the calcium carbonate industry. Firstly, the GCC&PCC is usually made by grinding mill, micro powder mill, ball mill or vertical mill.

In China, the paper industry makes the Ground Calcium Carbonate grows, which also increase the global demand for GCC. Generally speaking, the paper and plastics industry are the biggest industry for using GCC, almost accounting for 39.9% and 28% of the whole global demand.

The calcium carbonate is usually used as a filler in rigid PVC in the plastics industry. The PVC mainly concentrated in China. The construction recovers in North America, but the European countries still shows no trends in recovering. In paint industry, calcium carbonate is usually used lower the cost of some materials such as pigments or titanium dioxide. In the construction industry, the calcium carbonate is used for the house coating.

Because of the lower price and easier availability, ground calcium carbonate pulverized by grinding mill is widely used than precipitated calcium carbonate. The GCC capacity consumption amount ranks: China, USA, Spain, Norway, About 60% of PCC consumption amount is in China, and 12% in the USA. There is another one: satellite plants providing paper mills.

12 companies has controls almost 50% of global consumption capacity, the biggest three(Omya, Imerys and MTI) has controlled 40% of GCC capacity and more than 36% of PCC capacity. America MTI has set up PCC satellite plant to produce PCC.

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