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Cement Mill

Author : Isabella Date : 2013-8-6 17:17:25
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Cement Raymond Mill
        Cement is a substance that binds and hardens materials such as bricks and ceramic together. It is mainly made from crushed rock with burnt lime that limestone and clay make up 90% of its raw material. The most crucial end use of cement is as an ingredient in the production of mortar and concrete in construction industry.

The cement can be divided into two category based on its function, i.e., the ordinary type and special types. Portland cement is the most common cement products on the market as construction material. Special cement types include white cement for tile adhesive and many decorative applications, oil well cement for oil and gas drilling on-shore and off-shore and special cement for marine and underwater structures.

    The general process for cement making flow chart is quarrying, drying and raw grinding, kiln burning and cooling, finish grinding and in the last packing. In the two processing of cement, raw grinding and finish grinding, Raymond mill is a necessity in the process of cement product, which will greatly influence of its quality and the operation cost.
raymond mill

raymond mill

raymond mill

raymond mill grinding mill micro powder mill


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