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Calcite Raymond Mill/Grinding Mill/Pulverizer

Author : Isabella Date : 2013-6-24 14:38:44

     Calcite powder, a nature calcium carbonate, enjoys a wide use and a good market worldwide. It is an essential material for the production of pigment, chemicals and industrial filler such as heavy calcium and carbonate oxide, which is widely used in plastics and rubber products, papermaking, coating and printing ink, cementing, food and medicine. The plastic products include woven bags, PET strap, piping and fittings, films and so on.

Guilin Hongcheng Mining Equipment Manufacture Co,. Ltd offers the  the raymond mill/grinding mill/pulverizer to make calcite powder.  HongCheng provide tailored solutions based on nearly three decades of R&D and manufacturing experience.

   Our competitive products are R-series raymond mill/grinding mill/pulverizer, HC-series raymond mill/grinding mill/pulverizer, HCH ultrafine Grinding Mill, etc. The mills are space-saving and featured with simple operation, easy maintenance, smooth performance. lower power consumption and cost effectiveness.


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