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Bentonite Raymond Mill/Grinding Mill/Pulverizer

Author : Isabella Date : 2013-6-24 17:04:50

    Bentonite is a kind of clay rock which is composed of smectite and little illite, kaolin, calcite and other mineral. Bentonite was highly valued for its implacable features. It is hygroscopic that can absorb water with 8-15 times of its volume and expanded 30 times. The mixture with water or sand is moldable and sticky. It can absorb some air, liquid, organics and non-ferrous substance.

    With unique crystal structure and chemical properties, bentonite is widely used in various fields such as founding, metallurgy, agriculture, chemical industry, environmental protection, and ceramics and so on. It is essential material for purification of animal and vegetable oil, grape wine and juice, cements for machine foundry and medical unguent, etc.

    Raymond Mill/Grinding mill/Pulverizer is used to produce bentonite powder with specific fineness in order to meet different needs.

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