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Barite Powder Grinding Mill

Author : Henry Date : 2016-12-22 11:02:13
 Barite Powder Grinding Mill

The barite powder often acts as a weighing agent in the drilling muds. The high-density barite mud has the two following functions: A) The drill bit can be cooled down by this mud; B) The rock cuttings made by the drill can be suspended by this barite mud.


 In the paint industry, the barite can be used as the pigment. In the paper, rubber and cloth industry, it can be used as a kind of filler or additive. The barite powder can pack together the paper fibers, and allows the paper to have stiffness. In the rubber industry, the barite powder provides a kind of weighing filler.


Barite has the ability to prevent the x-ray and gamma-ray emissions. The high-density concrete is often made out of barite to prevent the X-ray emissions in Lab and Hostiptals.


But how can we get the barite powder? please check the barite powder grinding mill.

barite powder grinding mill
barite grinding mill

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